My Story

Bebe Clement was born Abimbola Akinsanya. She is the eldest of 12 children. Her mother died suddenly when she was very young and from that moment on, her childhood was effectively over, as she struggled over the next few years to step into her mother’s shoes and help raise her siblings. She refers to these challenging years as like being a general in charge of a small army. What she didn’t realise was that in those difficult times, her leadership skills were being birthed and honed for the future.

During her secondary school days, she discovered that she was constantly picked for roles that required public speaking; school plays, recitals etc, so she joined the debating team, became the lead debater and won many awards at school, state and national level.

She did her A levels at a prestigious all-girls school, where she was appointed Head Prefect and then went on to university to study English Language & Literature. It was during this period, that she made the connection between possessing good public speaking skills and leadership.

At university she engaged in politics, becoming the first woman to be elected as a member of the Student’s Union. During her tenure she served as Assistant General Secretary.

She later went on to read Law at The University of Greenwich, London.

Today Bebe, a practicing Christian, is married with two sons, one of whom is severely autistic….

With the help of her faith through her own personal struggles, Bebe has come to believe that “Challenges, pain and broken promises  may become a comma in your life, but the decision as to whether they become the full stop of your life is yours.”

Furthermore, she believes that we are not supposed to wake up everyday and just see where the day takes us, but to live each day with a sense of purpose. Her coined phrase is ‘Put your signature on life!’

Today, Bebe is a straight from the heart, first-class international Speaker & Trainer with amazing presence. Speaking to audiences of up to 5,000 in the areas of business and wealth creation, leadership & purpose driven living.

She is in high demand from, Germany to Ghana, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and the UK. Her clients range from The Nigerian Armed Forces to professional associations, faith groups and SMEs. Her ability to make an emotional connection with her audience makes hearing her speak a memorable and life-changing experience, which sees her invited back repeatedly and is increasing her global influence.

She is the author of ‘How to go from employee to entrepreneur’. Packed with wealth creation secrets and insightful tools to help readers identify how their acquired job skills and experience can become stepping stones to setting up a successful small business .

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